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February 2016

Love Bites 2016 WINNERS

2016 Love Bytes

Fourteen Anti-Valentine tales were delivered to our inbox, each of them dark, wicked, and vengeful. They were everything we hoped for and more. Reading them was a delight and sharing them a joy. Judging them was an unspeakable torment, and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our depraved misshapen hearts! ❤


Third Place: Ailsa Abraham | @ailsaabraham 

  1. Laura – Revenge for Valentines is always good and a 200-year wait made this tale even sweeter.
  2. Lisa – When you plan something, make sure you do it right, especially vengeance.
  3. Lizzie – Loved the dark humour in this fiery Valentine revenge.
  4. Ruth – Aged to perfection, like a fine wine, this tale of revenge is bold and satisfying.

Second Place: Michael Wombat | @wombat37

  1. Laura – This took me on the best dark journey. Loved it!
  2. Lisa – Poetry, ancient history, and a need to sate vengeful passion with a black twist of fate.
  3. Lizzie – A deliciously dark tale right from the poetic start. Loved it!
  4. Ruth – Filled with vivid images, poetic language, and bloody vengeance!

First Place: Eric Martell | @drmagoo  

  1. Laura – Passion, betrayal, and a dead body. All I need in a Valentine’s tale. Excellent story.
  2. Lisa – I was entranced from the title on. A tale of pure evil that teaches me never, ever, to presume. Deliciously dark and twisted.
  3. Lizzie – Ooh, I loved the grim and matter-of-fact way he dealt with his betrayer in this brilliant story!
  4. Ruth – When this apparent grieving widower goes from bitter to vindictive and embarks on a smartly planned journey of payback, the enormity of his monstrosity left me speechless!


Entrants: A hearty ‘Thank You’ to everyone who wrote, tweeted, and supported the entire Love Bites cast and crew.

Winners: Lisa will contact you via DM to settle up the prize accounts.



Love Bites 2016 Prize Package

This year’s prizes come to us from Amaranth Alchemy, run by mother and daughter team Lisa and Bekah Shambrook. Their art breathes new life into damaged and discarded books.

2016 Love Bytes Prizes

1st prize: ‘Poems of Robert Browning’ bookspine bookmark, Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ bookpage bookmark and ‘Sun’ Dictionary bookpage necklace.

2nd prize: Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ bookpage bookmark and Beatrix Potter’s ‘Tale of Two Bad Mice’ bookpage necklace.

3rd prize: Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ bookpage bookmark and Bram Stoker’s Dracula bookpage bookmark.

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