Ink After Dark is the home of cyclical flash fiction events, the occasional anthology, and general inky mayhem created by Laura Jamez, Cara Michaels, and Ruth Long.

Laura Jamez of Office Mango

Laura is a complete horror nut, whether it’s reading, watching, or writing. She loves to be scared but more importantly she loves to scare others. Flash Fiction is her passion but one day a horror novel like no other will be written, scaring the pants off anyone brave enough to read it. Addicted to Coke Zero and binge watching American programs, there are never enough hours in the day or night for all she wants to achieve.


Cara Michaels of Cara Michaels

Cara is a sci-fi and fantasy writer with a serious flash fiction addiction. She likes other people’s dogs and collects stray cats with her family. She dabbles in genre cross-breeding, stargazing, binge watching, and crochet.


Ruth Long of Bullish Ink

Ruth is an enthusiastic reader, writer, movie-goer, and music lover. She reads and writes a variety of genres but is most fervent about urban fantasy, adventure, and mystery. She likes a little coffee with her cream and sugar, swears she knows the name of the doctor, and is owned by a second-hand terrier named Jax.